Take your music to the next level with this professional producer pack. Perfect for EDM, electro, pop and hip hop



These drum loops are all 127bmp and cover a wide range of styles, making this pack an essential addition to your music production arsenal.

cohesive sound

By using the same drum loop throughout the song, the producer can create a consistent rhythm that ties the song together, which can be useful for creating a cohesive sound for a full album. 

tension and release

By using a drum loop that builds in intensity, the producer can create a sense of anticipation that will keep the listener engaged. This can be especially useful for creating a climax in a song.

signature sound

By using a variety of different drum loops, the producer can create a unique sound that is distinct from other songs. This can be especially useful for creating a signature sound for an artist or producer.

rhythm and groove

Using premade drumloops can be a great way for a producer to quickly create a rhythm track for a song. Drum loops can be used to create a variety of different rhythms and grooves, which can add a unique flavor to a song.

inspiration for producers

Drumloops are a type of audio sample that is used in music production. Our loops are typically short, repeating patterns of drum sounds that can be used to create a rhythm or groove in a track.

Drumloops are often used in genres such as hip-hop, EDM, and pop music, film and television soundtracks.

Our loops can be manipulated in various ways to create different rhythms and grooves. 

Producers can use our drumloops as a starting point for creating a track. before adding in basslines, melodies, and vocals.  

Producers can use our drumloops as a source of inspiration for creating a track. By listening to the loops, producers can get ideas for rhythms, grooves, and melodies.

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